„… I´m capured by an intelligent work of art that forges a dynamic bridge.

if you like 60`s jazz with soulful influences, then you´ll be putting „It´s Alright“ on a shelf that´s easily accesible.

It would be almost absurd to measure the great musician Tom Mueller by comparing him.

… but the „boogaloos“ and bluesy „jumps“ are certainly brought to your attention by this man with style.

He plays with sophistication, but he plays even more with his heart and guts.

He´s one you´ll recognize, one who´ll surprise you, one who´ll grab you“

Andi Arlt, BB and The Blues Shacks

„…As i´ve done many concerts with Tom … when he asked me to listen to „Hot BBQ“ i did so with a keen ear.

The result is really up beat good time stuff, the sort of music where you can´t sit still without your feet tapping.

So if you ´re thinking of having a peaceful, quiet evening in, finishing up with a good sleep, DON´T play this CD as ypou will be wide awake from listening to the hot rhythms.“

Dana Gillespie


„Tom Mueller ist seit vielen Jahren mit seinen eigenen Formationen und auch mit herausragenden Vertretern der europäischen Bluesszene (BB and The Blues Shacks, Abi Wallenstein, Dana Gillespie, Pete York, Mojo Blues Band, Joachim Palden) auf österreichischen und internationalen Konzert- und Festivalbühnen präsent und bekannt.

Sein ausdruckstarker Stil – von honkendem R&B Sax bis zu gefühlvoll gehauchten Balladen – macht ihn zu einem unvergleichlichen Instrumentalisten.“



  • Tom Mueller´s Hot BBQ, Jazzclub Horn
  • Let it show - Tom Mueller´s Hot BBQ, Vienna
  • BB and The Blues Shacks - Sighisoara Blues Festival
  • R&B Caravan feat. Denise Gordon Vienna 2017